Wednesday, 24 July 2024
"A family-owned business bringing water to the Southwest for 35-years"

Starting out 35 years ago as a water boring business, Mahony Drilling has continued to provide a reliable and professional boring service to Southwest Victoria. Today, Mahony drilling offers a greatly expanded set of services which include large scale trenching abilities and domestic and commercial boring.

From a one machine operation, Mahony Drilling now works out of a profesional, fully stocked industrial yard and employs 7 people with machines operating 7 days a week, from Mt Gambier to Colac to Horsham. Yet we'll still find time to fix your windmill!

We still think of ourselves as a family owned and run business and are happy to accomadate any types of drilling and trenching work that may be required. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and take as much pride in our work as we did at the very beginning. We are fully OHS compliant.

Please don't hesitate to call Paul on 0429 044 660 to talk through your requirements. Mahony drilling: where the customer is as important as the job.

stock bores
domestic bores
air drilling
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